Prix Louise-Weiss 2019

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Student Literature Competition
of the University of Strasbourg
Louise Weiss Award 2019

"Blue, Blue, Blau"
: this is the theme of the 2019 edition of the Louise Weiss Award! Whether you're writing in French, English or German, the infinity of the colour blue is all yours. From poems about blue or stories about blue, anything is possible, from the most spiritual to the most prosaic, the most ethereal fiction to the most realistic story. And all this within the Literary genre of your choice!

The University of Strasbourg is holding a writing competition for its students. The aim here is to encourage both the writing of texts and the reading of the same and their selection by the student community. Several prizes will be awarded by a jury and a student vote. These are endowed prizes and a publication will bring together the best selected texts.

This year - after "Resist", "The Encounter", "The Injury", "Europe" and "De/connection" - the Louise Weiss Award proposes "Blue" as the theme to be developed in any literary genre and in French, German or English.

It has been established under the sponsorship of Claudia Rusch, a German writer and polyglot, in a literary residency programme for Write Europe at the University of Strasbourg.  

A jury, composed equally of writers, teachers and students, will select the sixteen best texts, which will be submitted to the reading and the electronic voting of the entire student community.

Five prizes will be awarded next April - of 1000 €, 800 € or 500 € - to which a special jury prize - of 750 € will be added. A publication in the Presses universitaires de Strasbourg will follow in the autumn, prefaced by the sponsor of the Louise Weiss Award 2019.




The Louise Weiss Award, proposed by the Faculty of Arts, with the Faculty of Languages, has been established by the University Department of Cultural Action with the support of the Foundation Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, the University Libraries, and the support of Librairie Kleber.
It is a partner of the literary residency programme Write Europe, proposed by the Faculty of Languages, with the National and University Library of Strasbourg and the support of the IdEx University & Cité.